Navisso Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Navisso is a new search engine, based out of the Netherlands. Launched December, 2005, the mandate of Navisso is to provide the most relevant results on the web. Navisso’s creators and ‘think tank’ include: Mr. Hilders, Mr. J. Frei, Mr. K. Nagin, Mrs. N. Wrens, Mrs. B. Ruth, Mr. T. Bend and Mr. M. Schmidt. As of January, 2006, Navisso was still in beta.

Navisso is a stand alone engine that operates from 10 locations all over the world.
It makes use of 23 servers (as of January, 2006), three of which are dedicated to spidering the web, while five provide index storage.

Navisso uses its own propriety spider called NavissoBot to automatically crawl the web on a daily basis to add content to its index. Websites can also be manually submitted (top level URL only) at the ‘Suggest URL’ section of the site. Currently, Navisso only accepts web content written in English.

Navisso claims not to manipulate results, favoring content rich sites above all others-sites that are well optimized with relevant rich content will be placed higher in results. Therefore, parties interested in high rankings will benefit from a strong search engine optimization campaign by a reputable SEO service.

Navisso is a free service. The company makes revenues by offering pay-per-click, or PPC to clients. All sponsored links are listed separately from the main results, at the right hand column of the search engine results page (SERP).

Other Cool Navisso Features:

  • There’s a search history feature that automatically stores past queries during a session. The history is stored in a temporary file, and is deleted whenever the browser window is closed.
  • The site contains a lot of its own content, with a hearty FAQ and help section.
  • Navisso abides by the Robot Exclusion Standard, so webowners can prohibit NavissoBot from indexing their sites with the following code snippet:# Sample robots.txt file

    User-agent: *

    Disallow: /

  • Like Google, Navisso’s interface is simple, clean, and easy to navigate.