Openfind Search Engine Optimization

Openfind was established in January of 1998, based on the technology from the GAIS Lab at Taiwan National Chung-Cheng University. The company is focused on fundamental Web technologies such as search engines and community/Webmail engines. Based in Taiwan, it has about 60 employees, half of whom work in R&D.

Debuting in beta form on July 5, 2002, Openfind’s public engine (now known as All 4 One MetaSearch) is a large independent search engine, claiming 3.5 billion pages. This includes Chinese language indexing and searching.

When doing a search, All 4 One queries the eight most popular search engines through its “parallel searching facility, with matching responses organized by relevancy.” These eight engines include: All the Web, Altavista, Hotbot, Lycos, MSN, Netscape, AOL and Yahoo!

With regards to search engine optimization for Openfind, this engine uses a sorting algorithm called PolyRank to generate its search results. The algorithm combines link analysis, with a sophisticated algorithm to calculate the matching score between a query pattern and a matched page based on many factors, including the relevance of the pattern and the content of the page, the importance of the query terms in the matched page, the neighborhood information of the page, the size, time, and structure of the page, the name selections, among many others, to give a more appropriate score to the matched page. Openfind believes this PolyRank algorithm will provide more sophisticated and optimized relevant results for search engine queries. There has been some mention that in the future their algorithms will be somewhat user configurable so as to let users adjust the scoring parameters themselves, according to their personal preferences.

At the present time, Openfind does not appear to supply data to any of the other major search engines, although its speed and breadth of results would lead one to believe that this is an engine to watch.