Viewscore Search Engine Optimization

ViewScore is a newcomer in online shopping / comparison search. The company was launched in February, 2005, by founder Ami Zivov. ViewScore is based out of Israel.

ViewScore crawls the web indexing consumer product information. It uses its own ‘Product Quality Ranking’ algorithm to analyze expert reviews, user testimonials, and subscriber feedback. It weighs this information to calculate its own product score on a 0-100 percentage, via its TextScore technology. It then puts together a product summary. Product scores age over time and rank diminishes.

Off the main page, categories are laid out just below the search bar as graphic thumbnails. These categories are related to electronics only. For example, you can search under Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Monitors, Printers, Cellular Phones, etc. Products can be broken down further by Type (i.e., LCD monitor, CRT monitor), Price Range and Manufacturer, or by entering keyword / price range in a set of search bars.

Returned results can be selected and compared on a deeper level, by measuring ratings, as well as the features of each product on a side by side panel. The advanced filter at the left lets users break down search results even further, by selecting specific technical features for instance. Once a user decides on a product, he/she can select information on where to purchase that product.

Sponsored Listings:

ViewScore is a member of the Google advertising network. To sign up as a sponsor, users must register for a Google Adwords account. All sponsored results are placed at the bottom of ViewScore’s search engine results page, in a distinct box.