The Business Benefits of the New Facebook 360 Photos

  • Posted On October 18, 2016
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Has your Facebook feed been acting a little funny lately? It could be the work of the new Facebook 360 Photos feature that developers released in June 2016.


A 360 photo is a lot like what it sounds like: an immersive photo that places the viewer in the middle of the action. Think of it as panoramic photography, just beefed up a bit. The beauty of the 360 photo is that the viewer can interact with the photo by rotating/tilting their phone—by doing so it gives the experience of watching a video. It might remind you a bit like Google Street View. This is a handy photo-viewing feature since a normal panoramic photo would in no way ever fit on the screens of our handheld devices.

How to Use Instagram for Business

If you look closely at your personal Facebook feed, you may notice a lot of the pictures that people are posting these days are actually reshares from their Instagram  accounts. This is a clear sign that more and more social media users are taking to Instagram as a form of personal expression.

This also means that Instagram has become an important tool when it comes to building your brand’s social media strategy and ultimately its search engine optimization.

On May 31, 2016, Instagram’s Global Head of Business and Brand Development, James Quarles, told TechCrunch that the social media platform had reached 200,000 active advertisers , the vast majority of which are small- and medium-sized businesses. “Fifty percent of people follow a business on Instagram, and sixty percent learn about products and services on Instagram,” he stated.

Ask the Online Marketing Experts – Website Audits

For our first Victoria Web Marketing Meetup of 2016 we asked members to submit their website for review. We had a panel of Metamend technicians do quick audits of the sites and present their findings to the group. The beer was flowing at Vancouver Island Brewery, the appetizers were delicious and we had some great websites to audit.

Are Online Directories Still Relevant to Your SEO Strategy?

  • Posted On December 21, 2015
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About 20 years ago, as the Internet was really taking off, businesses flocked to the idea of having a website. And as more and more businesses got on board, the Internet got crowded – fast. There became a desperate need for a way to catalog all of the information that was being published at breakneck speed. Search engines worked fine, but they weren’t great. They weren’t robust enough, and websites weren’t detailed enough. Things were still in their infancy. Enter the online business directory.