Key reports and indicators in your Analytics account:

Conversions Reports – “Goals” in Google Analytics refers to the specific actions that you want to track. Goals can be button clicks, submitted forms, document downloads, movement down your specified conversion funnel, or even the length of time spent on a specific page. If you run an eCommerce website, we will also check whether your Ecommerce Goals are properly configured.

Paid Search Conversions – If you run Paid ads, such as through Google AdWords, Bing Ads, AdRoll, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or other third-party platforms, we would check that Conversion tracking in your third-party accounts are properly set up and connected with Google Analytics for accurate reporting.

Acquisition Reports – Your Conversion goals and performance would depend on your industry and types of traffic. Metrics such as Sessions (or “Visits”) per Day tell us how your visitors find you, how many New and Returning Visitors visit each day, and how many stay and engage. If your website is getting less than 100 visitors per day, for example, we may recommend that you first focus on increasing your traffic and rankings.

Behavior Reports – The Behavior Reports list your top Landing Pages, Exit Pages, and the series of pages users view throughout their stay. These metrics tell us which pages are creating the biggest conversion barriers and which elements to test.

Engagement Rates – Metrics such as Bounce Rate, Average Time on Site, and Average Page Views are common measures of user engagement, or how engaging your content is. You would generally want low Bounce Rates and high Average Time on Site to keep users on your website longer. The longer users stay, the more likely they are to convert.