Implementation and Support

The SEO Site Audit has outlined the opportunities, now how can you exploit them?

Implementation and Support Services are provided to help you to correctly implement the SEO strategy of the Site AUDIT on your website and measure the results.

Whether you already have a web developer or your organization uses in-house staff to maintain your site, we can ensure that the SEO strategy outlined in the SEO Audit is correctly implemented. If you don’t have access to a web developer, Metamend’s technicians can perform all the work for you, given appropriate CMS or FTP access. If you already have a web developer our technicians can liaise with them to implement the strategies outlined in the Site Audit document.

Throughout Implementation and Support you will be sent a monthly Client Summary Report which outlines the work that has been performed, priority implementation items for the next month and relevant campaign performance data. This report is compiled by our technicians for use by marketing professionals and webmasters alike to gauge how the SEO campaign is progressing and gives an indication of which areas of the site require SEO attention.

During the site audit process, it may be determined that your site needs more pages of text content in order to effectively target some of the keyword phrases. If this is the case, Metamend will also assist your content developers or copywriters in outlining what new content is required on your site. If you do not have these resources at your disposal, we can develop content for you through our content development service.

How do I Stay Ahead

How do I stay ahead of my competition and react to changes in the search engines?

With only 10 spots available on page one of the search results, competition for these positioning is usually quite fierce with many of the sites’ in the top 10 having some form of optimization. This is most acute on the highest traffic generating phrases, with each subsequently higher page one position generating more and more search traffic.

As the financial rewards of being positioned near the top of page one are so great, it is vitally important to maintain your position once you are there and combat your competition as they are constantly striving to overtake you. Implementation and Support can help you stay ahead of the chasing pack by reacting to your current search competition and continually implementing new strategies to maintain your positioning.

The search engines are in constant flux with frequent algorithm changes altering the search results for any given phrase query. Users are fickle and over time the popularity of a search query could change or new phrase opportunities can arise in your industry. The constant attention and observation of the search landscape which can be afforded by a specialized SEO team, allows your site to react to these changes ensuring consistent performance for your phrase targets.

Exploit search opportunities when your site evolves.

A constant with any type of business is that of expansion, and a website is no different. In today’s competitive internet marketplace, a website must evolve to survive. Over time, your site will grow in size with new pages of content, tools or new products and services. Without the expertize of a SEO expert during this process search opportunities may be missed or potential pitfalls may be encountered.

Whenever new pages or features are added to your site during a long term implementation and support period, we will help identify the implications to the search engines and any search opportunities that exist which can be exploited.

SEO Implementation Summary

  • Metamend will implement changes on your site in a timely manner or assist your developers.
  • Help your site stay ahead of the competition.
  • Quickly react to changes in the search engines and search markets.
  • Outline the implications to the search engines for any future site changes.