Site Planner helps to protect your existing search rankings, traffic and backlinks.

The Site Planner service assists our clients and their developers in the complicated transition between your existing and new website design. Failing to address several important issues during this process can have a drastic negative effect on search engine positioning, which will result in reduced search traffic and website revenue.

The most critical aspect during many site redesigns is the preservation of existing search traffic from pages already indexed by the search engines. If the correct strategies are not implemented it can take 6 months to a year for the new website to rank as effectively as the old version, by which time your competition will have undoubtedly improved their websites’ and increased their rankings.

Other important areas of concern will include preservation of Meta data, SEO friendly navigation elements, HTML valid source code and presence of the required CMS functionality for SEO tactics.

The Site Planner service includes (but is not restricted to):

•  Maintaining Existing Traffic
This is achieved through a 301 redirect strategy to the new site URLs. This also maintains the all important backlinks to the website.
•  Page URLs and Navigation
Ensure the URLs follow SEO guidelines and the sites’ pages are easily crawlable through the navigation elements.
•  Keyword Messaging
Ensure all existing page titles, Meta descriptions and headings are transferred to new site and are visible to the search engines.
•  HTML Coding 
Ensuring rendered HTML code is “clean” and follows SEO guidelines and recommendations.

Site Planner Document

After the Site Planner document has been provided, until site launch, Metamend will assist the client and their developer in ensuring that all recommendations are followed.

After the new site is launched, for a short period of time, Metamend will monitor the search engines to ensure that the steps taken in the Site Planner report are being effective. This may include updating XML sitemaps, submitting them to the search engines and acting on any crawl errors reported by the search engines’ webmaster interfaces. We will also ensure all of the required redirects are in place.