Brand Compliance

Part of our Reputation Management service includes the continual monitoring for online brand compliance. There are two main ways in which a company’s intellectual property may be compromised online – by people purchasing and using domains containing branded terms or by people using branded terms in their PPC (pay per click) or other advertising campaigns.

 When you hire Metamend as your reputation management company, not only do we monitor and control your reputation online, but we also monitor and control your company’s brand. With our monthly monitoring systems, we identify any infringing domains as well as any advertiser who is using our client’s trademarked terms in their PPC campaigns.

The 3 major search engines will uphold trademarks and have systems in place to prevent companies from using trademarked names. These systems, however, are mediocre at best which is why we find infringing domains / ads on a monthly basis for our clients. Metamend then works with Google and the other search engines to have said ads removed as well as assisting on any domain-related infringements.

Technically, a company is only supposed to have to upload trademark and other business documents once to Google, Yahoo and Bing for PPC trademark compliance. Our experience over the years has shown, however, that even though these documents have been submitted, there are always ads that continue to appear – for which we need to submit a removal request each time.

As a business, your brand is your most valuable asset – and protecting it should be your #1 priority online. Put your head on the pillow and sleep better at night knowing that you have Metamend’s full resources and systems working and monitoring your brand for you 24/7.


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