Social Media – Organic vs Paid

When social media first came onto the stage of the world wide web, marketers were able to get a lot more reach and engagement than they’re experiencing today. It wasn’t too long ago when you were able to put out a great post on Facebook and reach a good majority of your pages’ fans / followers.

Unfortunately, this is just not the case anymore – as we can plainly see by the “people reached” stats available to page admins on Facebook, reach has gone WAY down.

For Facebook in particular, the number of people that a page reaches comes down to FB’s own algorithm called EdgeRank. EdgeRank takes into account a variety of factors to determine how many people get to see your message in their newsfeed. And one of the bigger of these factors is consistency and engagement – how often are you posting and interacting with your fans and how much are they interacting / engaging with your page. So aside from posting consistency and engagement, the only other way to increase reach is through ads.

At the end of the day, social networks are a business and, like any other business, they need to make money to survive. Using Facebook as an example, they make more money the more people pay to advertise on their platform. And the easiest way to get people to advertise is to cut their organic reach, forcing them to advertise in order to get the same reach as they used to enjoy organically.

Do I Need to Pay to Play in the Social Media Arena?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is it depends on a lot of factors like your goals, budget, and manpower as well as your skillset and knowledge of social media best practices. 

If you’re an SME (small to medium enterprise), you may not have the time or team in place to be able to orchestrate a full (and effective) social media campaign. That may be just one of the reasons why you might opt for a paid play instead of spending countless hours trying to organically gain and reach followers.

Social Media Campaign Setup

Whether you’re running a strictly organic campaign or you’ve (wisely) integrated some paid social spend into your campaign, you’ll still need to build out your channel on your social network of choice. And by building out, we’re talking about setting up the channel properly from the start by adding cover and profile images, filling in all company info and optimizing the channel for industry keywords.

When we’re getting started with a client, we send out an Intake Form to be filled out with as much detail as possible.

This intake form gives us invaluable information about the company’s current online properties, their goals for the future, information about their competitors and much more.

Metamend then uses this information to create a targeted social media campaign which includes choosing the social platforms that will give the best ROI as well as monthly monitoring and reporting on those channels. Since engagement on social media is a main contributing factor to the amount of reach a particular post will get, monitoring and responding to interactions such as likes, shares and comments is essential to success.


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