Solutions: Advertising Online and ROI

Why advertise online?  The Internet boom is phenomenal.  Every year a measurable amount of people adopt Internet usage.  In 1995, worldwide use was calculated at approximately 16 million users.  By 2005, usage exploded to an estimated 972 million.  This represents 15 percent of the world’s population.  In the United States alone, over 200 million people have access the Internet 1— this is 20.9 percent of world web users.

According to SEMPO, the online marketing channel is now used by 80 percent of advertisers, a higher number than previously reported.  Marketing analyst Outsell projects more than 90 percent adoption by 2008. 2  As the new marketing medium, the Internet provides individuals, businesses and enterprises with one of the greatest ROI solutions.  It places control of marketing directly in the hands of website owners, who can easily monitor and analyze web traffic to track ROI and implement the changes required to increase effectiveness.  It is also a more cost effective solution over traditional marketing channels and advertising is essentially free once the web property is properly optimized.


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