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    • Monthly Traffic
      With the Metamend SOI-ROI calculator, your site’s monthly human traffic is based on search engine referrals. This value is measured by Enquisite Metrics, and excludes non-human entities such as bots and spiders. If you’re not sure what this value is, please visit our Enquisite Search Metrics page to find out more about Enquisite Metrics and how to sign up for this free service. Please note: if you’re new to Enquisite Metrics you can analyze your daily reports and average your monthly search referrals traffic. Please enter your website’s total human traffic for a month into the slot below.
    • Expected Traffic Increase
      This value represents the human traffic you expect from a well implemented SEO campaign over a 3 month period. With a strong SEO service, you will at least double your traffic; this is why the current value is set at 2x. If you haven’t done much with SEO, the factors can be very significant (greater than 100x). If you’re not sure how your site is performing, take our Search Engine Friendliness Test to help determine performance improvements. Please enter the value you expect from SEO into the slot below.
    • Traffic Conversion Percentage
      A human traffic conversion is represented by a “call to action” taken by a visitor to your website. This could be a telephone call to your business from a visitor on your contact page, a file download from your website, a webex registration, raw impressions, or some other “call to action” that you consider valuable to the sales process. What percentage of your human traffic converts into sales prospects, or leads?
    • Monthly Sales Funnel Conversion Rate
      A percentage of your companys sales or opportunity funnel that becomes actual sales is known as a sales funnel conversion rate. A strong commercial sales funnel converts at 20% per month. An average funnel converts at 10%. Please enter your prospected sales funnel conversion rate into the slot below.
    • Average Purchase/Year
      What is the average amount spent at your website by an individual visitor (the average over one year)? For example, is it $5,000.00, $50,000.00, $100,000.00 or more? Please enter this value into the slot below.
    • SEO Service Cost
    • Lastly, please enter the amount for a professional SEO service. Typically, professional services start at about $20,000.00 per year. Please note: specific client pricing will vary based on business requirements. Please Contact Us for price quotations based on your requirements and needs.

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