Solutions: Fortune 500 and ROI


  • Emigrant Savings Bank is a successful Fortune 500 company that doubled its deposits to $9 billion since the launch of its online division in January, 2005.
  • Dell computers built its Fortune 500 status around the online market.  In 2005, Dell earned a massive 47.3 billion in revenues.  Although there are other important marketing factors at play in Dell’s success, its effective direct online marketing model is instrumental in making it the industry leader it is today.

The Importance of SEO for the Fortune 500

Even if you’re the most well-known company, keeping your site optimized under a good search engine optimization (SEO) campaign makes sense from both a financial and practical perspective.  Every successful online web property maintains a strong online presence—it’s been proven that the greatest percentage of referrals come from people actively searching for you within the search engines.  However, throwing money into haphazard campaigns that soak up countless dollars is a major gamble with your Return On Investment.  And, employing shady optimization tactics that go against search engine rules can only hurt you in the end by forcing your site down in the rankings, or even eliminating it from a search engine index.

SEO for the Fortune 500 means more true traffic from the search engines, and in turn a greater potential for client conversions that will increase your prospective ROI.  Here are some further reasons why an online presence backed by SEO is beneficial to the Fortune 500:

  • Reputable Search Engine Optimization creates an effective pull (passive) strategy, eliminating the need for expensive push advertising campaigns.  Customers seeking information about you, your products and services, will find you because your site is relevant to their searches, and ranked high within the engines.
  • Stronger worldwide visibility:
    • The Internet is the new marketing medium.  It is also the new marketing trend necessity—anyone who is anyone is building an online presence.
    • Higher brand awareness.
  • Relationship building:
    • Online companies can develop one-on-one relationships with their customers, clients and business partners through direct feedback.
    • E-commerce outlets can better analyze customer behavior and needs.
    • Customers can actively participate in the development of products and services.
  • A leveraged marketing channel that will inhibit stagnation.
  • Easy to obtain information for shareholders and potential investors.

SEO optimizes your site for peak performance so that it is seen and listed in the search engines on an ongoing basis.  Once your website is tuned, submitted to the engines and maintained, you will not pay extra costs associated with incoming traffic such as pay-per-click advertising or pay-for-placement fees.

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