SEO tools are integral to the preparation and maintenance of any SEO campaign. Whether you’re looking to start a fresh SEO campaign or you want to benchmark your current campaign progress, you need access to easy to use, robust applications that wont add dollars to your current costs. Because of this, we provide a number of powerful but free SEO tools to assist you with your marketing goals.


Free SEO Test

The Free SEO Analysis tool examines your website from top to bottom, and reports back a record of optimization Free SEO Testpoints you should address for success in the search engines. One of the SEO Analysis tool’s key functions includes a keyword density analyzer, that shows you how well your site is utilizing valuable terms.


Keyword Density Analyzer

Keyword Density AnalyzerThe Keyword Density Analyzer is a powerful free SEO tool that shows you how well your site is utilizing valuable terms.

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Search Engine Spider Simulator

SEO Spider SimulatorThe Search Engine Spider simulator will scan your web page and display the content that is read by the major search engines. This SEO tool also displays the Search Engine Friendly links found on the web page to show how many pages will be sucessfully ‘spidered’ (crawled and indexed).


HTTP Head Request Viewer

SEO ROI CalculatorThe HTTP Head Request Viewer is designed to display the response information sent to a search engine or web browser prior to displaying the page. This SEO tool is also used to test for successful implementation of ‘301 Moved Permanently’ Redirects.

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Enquisite Search Metrics

Enquisite Search Metrics gifEnquisite compliments other web analytics tools, giving you important information you can’t find elsewhere. And, its easy to use!

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SEO ROI Calculator

SEO ROI CalculatorDesigned for Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) web properties, the SEO ROI Calculator measures your return on investment from the organic web traffic generated by an SEO campaign.



Conversion Optimization ROI Calculator

SEO ROI CalculatorThe Conversion Optimization ROI Calculator measures the Return on Investment of web traffic generated from on page improvments. The calculator is designed for to help you measure the busines benefit in dollars by improving your website conversion rate.

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Pay-Per-Click ROI Calculator

PPC ROI CalculatorThe Pay-Per-Click ROI Calculator measures the Return on Investment of …

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Please check back often. More SEO tools will be added in the future.

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