Metamend uses Enquisite Search Metrics, for their search engine ranking reports, an exclusive traffic reporting and word metrics system designed to give you more customers. Enquisite’s geo-specific reports provide you with unparalleled data resolution on word phraseologies, usage, and location. That directly translates into better search engine marketing campaigns.

Enquisites’ patent pending search engine ranking reports illuminate the elusive blind spots in today’s analytics programs. These tools give you visibility with:

  • Target Marketing: Geo-specific local search and keyword targeting gives your campaign pinpoint accuracy.
  • Reach and Frequency: Enquisite’s keyword reach and frequency data collection allows you to accurately measure and market to your demographic.
  • Optimized Advertising: Real-time keyword metrics gives you full creative control over your advertising campaigns and ensures your ads are targeted to their most appropriate and responsive audiences.
  • Swift Campaign Deployment: Enquisite’s real-time keyword technology works swiftly and accurately, giving you the ability to forecast and react to changes in your market space.

Enquisite Search Metrics – Know How You’re Found!

This is a critical blind spot in keyword analysis, for PPC and SEO.

Today’s analytics packages are missing:

  • Search Phrase Origination Points: Forensic data on keywords which detail exactly where the traffic is coming from, where it points to in your site as well as the ability to cross reference these keywords with high resolution geo specific data.
  • Search Engine Cross Comparison: Who is finding you, through whom, and from where? Comparison between the search engines.
  • Consice Landing Page Analysis : Click and analyze search engine traffic details by a specific website page.
  • Determine Click Trends by City or ZIP Code: These are the highest resolution metrics the market has to offer.

Enquisite is the only application today that can give your business this decisive edge. If your Internet marketing spend is more than 500 thousand per year, your business requires this tool to tune your budget. All other web metrics packages, such as Urchin, Web Trends and Deep Metrix, can present data on keyword phrases, but not at the resolution Enquisite can, at the city and ZIP/POSTAL code level. See this Enquisite Search Metrics presentation.

Ask yourself this: “In Google Ad Sense, are you spending your money in New York when you should really be spending it in LA? Are you finding all the California based search queries you need, or are you paying for needless traffic from regions irrelevant to your market?”

Spending is the easy part. Knowing how to spend effectively on Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization is the difference between results and highly relevant results.

Enquisite records the Internet search traffic for your websites. The proprietary database allows precise analysis of Internet activity, with specific advantages not found in any other web metrics software.

What separates Enquisite’s ranking reports from the pack is:

  • Penalty-Free Search Engine Ranking Reports: Enquisite’s patent pending process has the unique ability to determine search engine page position and ensures you will not be penalized in the search engines. Most other rank checkers use aggressive automated techniques to comb through search engine results. Enquisite does NOT do this. It is what’s known as a ‘passive utility’. See Google’s own guidelines regarding automated ranking tools
  • Geo-Specific Traffic Analysis: Super resolution of where your traffic is coming from. For example, you can tell what city in California your traffic is originating from, and cross-reference that information with the phrases being searched for in the search engines. No other web metrics program can tell you this. Not to mention the ability to drill down to the the ZIP and postal code level.
  • Market Trend Competitive Analysis: Aggregated data analysis is able to tell you how you rate amongst your competitors, via vertical-based reporting. For example, Enquisite will tell you the keyword phrases your competitors are getting found by in the search engines, and what their relation is to how you are getting found.

In addition, Enquistite’s position report delivery system parses the search phrases by date, and adds the time element so you know not only from where, but when the traffic is coming (i.e. seasonal, daily, or event adjustments).

Here’s the best part. It’s free!

For more information about how the Enquisite’s ranking and reporting software can serve you, call and ask to speak with an account executive today at
1-604-628-9335.  Or visit the Enquisite website.

Note: This is an old article that was posted many moons ago. Note that the information contained within this article may be outdated. To get the most relevant, up-to-date information about online marketing, visit Metamend’s blog.